EAA Wind Down

Wind Down Information

At close of business on June 30, 2017, the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) was dissolved, and all facilities were returned to the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD).

EAA students were received by DPSCD and the transition was finalized. 

DPSCD has welcomed the following schools from the EAA and now handle all matters according:

  • Brenda Scott Academy
  • Burns Elementary-Middle School
  • Law Academy
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary-Middle School
  • Central High School
  • Central Academy
  • Denby High School
  • Henry Ford High School
  • Mumford High School
  • Mumford Academy
  • Pershing High School
  • Southeastern HighSchool of Technology and Law

DPSCD answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Enrollment at DPSCD
  • Requesting Student records
  • HR Resources for Former EAA Staff who now work for DPSCD

Former EAA staff members trying to retrieve 2017 W-2s can get a copy of your W2 online at hrweb.resa.net/eEmployee or contact DPSCD payroll Dept at 313 873-4525
Please note this resource was created during the EAA’s transition and is not actively maintained. If you are now a DPSCD staff member and have HR-related questions, please contact the DPSCD Human Resources Office at (313) 873-6897 or visit the DPSCD Division of Human Resources webpage.

Questions & Support

Parents & students: If you have questions or would like personal assistance regarding EAA’s transition to DPSCD, please don’t hesitate to call DPSCD at (313) 576-0100, a special hotline number DPSCD has provided for your convenience or visit DPSCD’s transition website.